About Rowdy Radio Show

Rowdy Radio Show is an outlaw country radio show that focuses on Outlaw Country, Honky Tonk, Rockabilly and Truck Driving songs. Rowdy Radio plays outlaw country songs that are old and new. The shows consist of “educating the public about what country music really is and bringing it to its roots,” as host Martin Rowdy Tijmes states. He is all about the music and wants to educate the listeners about what country music is and where it came from, as well as outlaw country music and who is playing it now. This show is unlike any you have ever heard, guaranteed! There is a very large market for this type of music and as Rowdy says, “it needs to be heard, but more importantly is that people love it and it is fun!”

Rowdy Radio Show plays everything from Johnny Cash to Doug Sahm. From Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers to Two Tons of Steel to Red Simpson and Waylon Jennings, Rowdy plays it all! Rowdy Tijmes brings in great commentary and fun facts about these artists (whether they be personal accounts, funny stories or educational) and has a strong following. Texas music, rockabilly, red dirt music, tex-mex, truck driving country and of course, outlaw country will all be heard on this internationally syndicated radio show that is unlike anything you have ever heard. Rowdy really knows his music and it shows. Rowdy Radio Show will be sure to put a smile on your face when you hear it as it is a fun paced, music intensive show with upbeat and funny commentary in between songs.