Rowdy Tijmes Bio

Rowdy Radio Show originated in Austin, TX in 2004. He has always had a big passion for radio, outlaw country and good music in general.

Rowdy wanted to get to know more people in the industry and thought that putting on a concert would be a good way, so he started up a concert that after six years ended up traveling the country with a show he called called the “Johnny Cash Bash” where he had several of Cash’s original members come and play for the Man in Black. The tour started on Cash’s birthday, Feb. 26 (

It was there where he met John Peyton from Jagger Peyton Entertainment Group because he was performing with one of the bands that evening. Radio veteran John Peyton has a business with Mick Jagger’s brother, Chris Jagger, where they syndicate radio shows. The idea was then met that Jagger Peyton Entertainment Group would help syndicate Rowdy Radio Show.

And now…Rowdy Radio Show is getting aired worldwide. Like our facebook page
at keep on rockin n keep it rowdy!